Water as a Treatment for Ailments


Moree hot springs and the Artesian Spa

Also known as the Spa Capital of Australia, the township of Moree is a regional centre on the New South Wales and Queensland border with daily air and rail links to Sydney.

Moree is a fantastic location if you want to experience nature's day spa - natural artesian bore baths are the best way for soothing arthritis and sinking into a toasty warm giant bath after a long day.

The name Moree in Kamilaroi means "The Long Water Hole", although some historians have translated it to be "The Rising Sun". Prior to the 1830's, the Kamilaroi people lived extensively across the Moree Plains region.

The famous Moree Bore (Bore Baths) was completed in 1895. People from all over the world have enjoyed the healing qualities of the natural hot mineral springs for over one hundred years.

Soaking in Artesian pools leave you feeling amazing – But do you know why?

Balneology is the scientific study of the therapeutic benefits of naturally occurring mineral waters. There is a growing amount of research with evidence backing up the century-old health claims associated with bathing in mineral waters.

In Australia, this science is not very well known and is even less seldom practiced. Balneotherapy allows for the transdermal absorption (absorption through your skin) of varied minerals such as sulphur and magnesium typically found in Artesian water. These minerals are said to nourish the organs of the body and in turn aid the body to fight illness as well as repairing tissue damage.

It is of the common belief that balneotherapy can help with many health conditions including arthritis, musculoskeletal pain, and respiratory disorders. The therapeutic properties of artesian waters are reputed to aid the bodies’ muscular, immune, cardiovascular, skin, lymphatic and nervous systems and are of particular interest to sufferers of Rheumatoid Arthritis. It is no wonder they are so popular.

The benefits of bathing in these mineral waters are extensive. Bicarbonate balances the pH in the bloodstream; calcium and silica are good for bones; magnesium helps keep kidneys healthy; potassium is good for the mind and muscles; sodium helps prevent stomach disorders and sulphate purifies the liver. Enjoy the many hours of soaking in these natural gifts - You will be amazed at not only the health benefits but the social interaction you will experience with the travelling and local fraternity.

NOTE: Anyone with a health condition should seek medical advice prior to immersing themselves in these waters. It is also recommended that a limit of 20 minutes should be imposed and care should be taken when exiting the pools.